Hartnell College Athletic Counseling Program


Rich Givens


Building H Room 107


The Hartnell College Athletic Counseling Program provides comprehensive services to ensure a successful student-athlete experience – academically, personally, vocationally, and athletically.

At Hartnell College, athletes are students. The athletes are expected to follow and maintain the academic requirements of Hartnell College.  The Athletic Counseling Program stresses the importance for student-athletes to take ownership of their athletic and academic pursuits.  There are many resources made available to them, but it is always their responsibility to meet the academic and athletic challenges that face them.

Hartnell College understands these students are also athletes. In addition to the demands of being a student, our student-athletes must also deal with the additional demands associated with competing athletically. 


Role of the Athletic Counselor

  • Assist the student-athletes in the accomplishment of their educational goals
  • Assist student-athletes in the development of an individual Educational Plan (ED Plan)
  • Serve as a liaison between coaches, student-athletes and faculty
  • Inform student-athletes of the Hartnell College graduation requirements, eligibility rules and regulations, and transferability
  • Monitor academic progress of Hartnell College student-athletes    


Goal of the Athletic Counseling Program

  • Assist every student-athlete in developing and completing the educational objectives and promoting their athletic eligibility


Objective of the Athletic Counseling Program

  • Track and monitor the academic progress of all student-athletes
  • Inform the student-athletes of the rules, policies, and responsibilities that affect both athletic and educational objectives