The Hartnell Panthers Remain Undefeated

Hartnell Men's Football, home game against Gavilan
Hartnell Men's Football, home game against Gavilan



Sept. 29, 2018 — The Hartnell Panthers made a trip back home to Rabobank Stadium Saturday night to take on the Gavilan Rams. The Panthers completely dominated en route to a 42-21 win, improving their record to 5-0.

Straight out of the gate, Hartnell made a huge statement with a scoring drive against the Rams that ended with a 19-yard touchdown pass by Isaiah Ariolla-Randall to Davon Owens. The Panthers took a moment to celebrate before continuing their offensive pressure while the Hartnell defense shut out the opposing Rams in the first quarter. Barely into the second quarter, the Panthers scored on another touchdown pass by Ariolla-Randall.

In the second half, the Panthers didn't rest on their lead, continuing to play with a tough, give-it-all mindset. They were able to convert a blocked punt by Jakari Jenkins thanks to the attentive play of Jakob Streeter, who swooped up the ball and took it to the end zone.

Hartnell remained in a great position for the remainder of the game, keeping the offense on a roll with back-to-back scoring drives. Gavilan pushed up to 21 points, but Hartnell continued to answer while maintaining pressure on the Rams' quarterback and running game.

Hartnell moves on to face San Jose on the road Oct. 13.